The easiest way to make a reservation for a return transfer is to do it when booking an outward transfer. 

Choose “Return transfer” in the booking form to book two trips at once - there and back.

I am going to the airport, what time should I set?

When booking a car from the hotel to the airport, make sure to correctly specify the date and time of pick-up.

Important: calculate the right pick-up time, taking into account travel time specified on the booking page + 3 hours for check-in at the airport.

For example, if your flight is at 14:00 and the travel time is 30 minutes, you should specify 10:00 - 10:30 as your departure time.

I don’t see the “Return transfer” option

Yes, it is possible. The reason is the price for the return trip can be either higher or lower. In this case, you can set up the return transfer separately.

Return transfer to another destination

If the return trip has another route, please make a new booking.

For example:

The route of your outward travelling is ‘Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris — Paris’. The Kiwitaxi system will automatically recognize the route ‘Paris — Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris’ as the return trip.

But if you need to get from Paris to another airport, e.g. Orly Airport Paris, please book the return journey separately. 

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