Please note, that if you travel with children - every one of them considered a passenger (even a toddler or an infant). They need a separate place in the car.

For example, you are traveling with a family: 4 adults and one infant in total. It means that the Economy and Comfort car classes designed for 4 passengers will not suit you.

For a family of 5, you can book a Minibus 7pax.

Should I book a child seat?

In most countries special seats are obligatory. The driver will be fined if a child travels without a special seat. If you do not warn the driver that there will be children with you, the driver may refuse to provide the transfer.

To have a comfortable and safe ride, you can choose:

  • a child seat if the child weighs 9-18 kg;
  • a booster if the child weighs 13-36 kg;
  • an infant seat (unavailable in some cities).

The cost of a child seat and booster - 300 RUB / 4 USD / 4 EUR, an infant seat - 600 RUB/8 USD/8 EUR.

In the US, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, the cost of a seat is 10 USD.

Transfer for a group of children

A special license is required for the transportation of 7 and more children. Kiwitaxi does not specialize in such transportation.

There should be no more than 6 minors and an accompanying adult in one car.

If you need transfer for more than 7 children, you can book several cars. Please note, that there should be at least one adult in one car with the children.

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