Meeting with the driver

1. While booking the transfer with us, specify the arrival time according to your ticket.

Important: The time slot size in the booking form is 15 minutes. Please, choose the time nearest to your arrival. For example, if your plane lands at 14:10, choose 14:15.

2. The driver will be waiting for you for one hour from the time the plane is to land according to your ticket.

3. The driver will meet you with the nameplate. The meeting point is specified in the voucher, which we will send to your e-mail address immediately after you book the transfer. If you can't find the driver, please contact the dispatcher or Kiwitaxi support team.

4. If your plane landed earlier, please call the Kiwitaxi support team. We will try to schedule another pick-up time as soon as possible.

5. If your flight was delayed:

  • for less than 30 minutes, the driver will still wait for you
  • for more than 30 minutes, please contact us as soon as possible so we could schedule a new pick-up time.

Additional services and goods

1. Stop out of the route. The driver will drive you to the address specified in your booking, directly to the hotel entrance or apartment. If you need to make a stop on the way or stop by at an additional address, specify it in the booking. Detours are charged additionally.

This option may be unavailable on some routes.

2. Do not forget to book child restraints if you are traveling with children. This service is to be paid extra: infant seats cost 600 RUB/8 EUR/8 USD, boosters or child seats — 300 RUB/4 EUR/4 USD.

3. You can book the return transfer in advance not to make the booking twice.

Booking cancellation

1. You can cancel your booking for free:

  • 6 hours before the trip for clases: Micro, Economy, Comfort, Minivan 4 pax, Minibus 7 pax
  • 24 hours before the trip for classes: Business, Premium, Premium Minibus 6 pax, Minibus 10, 13, 16 and 19 pax

Important: if you cancel your booking too late, we will not be able to refund the money. It will be paid to the carrier as compensation for the transfer preparation.

You can cancel the booking in your personal account. You will get  access to it when you make your first booking. At first, you need to set the password. You can log in to your personal account following the link in the confirmation email that we sent you or on our website in the upper right corner:

In your personal account, find the booking you want to cancel, click “Manage booking” and then “Cancel transfer”.

and then “Cancel transfer”.

Please, specify the reason why you want to cancel it and confirm your action.

If there is less than 24 hours before the trip, you can cancel the booking by contacting us at 

2. Free cancellation service allows you to get the refund if you cancel the booking even as late as 5 minutes before the ride. In this case, only the cost of the service will be withheld. You can book the free cancellation service on the Payment page:

Important: if you do not violate the terms of cancellation (see p.9), the cost of free cancellation is also refundable.

You can use the free cancellation service under the following conditions: 

  • the transfer price is not more than EUR 133\133 USD\10000 RUB;
  • 100% prepayment by card.
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