Transfer from airport/train station/bus station

To book a transfer from the airport, train or bus station, specify the arrival time as indicated on your flight/train/bus ticket. 

The time slot size in the booking form is 15 minutes. Please, choose the nearest time to the one specified on your ticket.

For example, if you arrive at 14:10, you can choose 14:15. The driver meets you on time.

Transfer from port/pier

If you need a transfer from a pier or port, specify the time at which you want the driver to meet you. 

Transfer from the hotel/address in the city

If your pick-up point is a hotel or specific address, you should indicate the time of meeting with the driver.

Important: calculate the time of departure, taking into account the duration of the trip (the information is given on the booking page) and 3 hours for check-in at the airport.

For example, if your departure is at 14:00 and time en-route is 30 minutes, specify pick-up time as 10:00-10:30.

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