Payment options

Micro and Economy transfer classes

For these car classes, the only payment option available is in cash to the driver. You can’t pay for Micro and Economy classes with a credit card.

Other car classes

  • 100% prepayment on the website
  • partial prepayment: 10-15% of the sum is paid online on the website, the rest — in cash to the driver.
  • in cash to the driver (a bank card must be linked to your booking)

Important: the transfer  driver doesn’t have the terminal, so you can pay them only with cash.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA or MasterCard only. 

In what currency will my card be charged?

  • In Europe, the payment will be in EUR.
  • Asia, Africa, North and South America - in USD.
  • Russia - in RUB.

Currency of payment is also indicated in the booking form.

100% prepayment on the website + free cancellation option

This option allows you to cancel your transfer booking without the penalty at any time.

You can choose this option if the transfer’s price does not exceed 133 EUR / 133 USD / 10000 RUB.

To add the service, select "100% prepayment + free cancellation at any time" on the payment page.

The price varies from 75 to 300 rubles. In case of cancellation, we will refund the entire amount paid for the transfer, except for the cost of the service.

How can I pay if I am a legal person?

If you need to pay by invoice, please contact the manager at

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