Standard luggage is a bag or suitcase with overall dimensions (length, width, and height) not exceeding 158 centimeters. Anything beyond these dimensions is considered non-standard baggage. It can be skis, snowboard, bicycle, wheelchair or baby stroller, large pets or tourist backpack.

If you have oversized luggage with you (snowboard, skis, stroller, etc), you should book a bigger car, for example, a Minibus 7pax. If you have doubts, feel free to contact us via online chat or at We will help you choose a suitable vehicle to fit your non-standard baggage.

As soon as you make a booking, please warn us about the oversized luggage or any non-standard baggage at We will notify the driver, otherwise, they may ask for an additional fee for its transporting. If the non-standard baggage does not fit in the car, they can refuse the ride.

If you are carrying ski equipment with you, use additional services.

  • A special roof box for transporting skis or snowboard.
  • Guaranteed transportation of ski equipment. Without this service, the carrier may refuse the ride.

If you use a wheelchair, we can provide a transfer only if your wheelchair is foldable and can be put in the car trunk. For transporting electric wheelchairs, specially equipped cars are required. Unfortunately, we do not provide such transportation yet.

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