By default, you can cancel your booking for free:

  • 6 hours before the trip for classes: Micro, Economy, Comfort, Minivan 4 pax, Minibus 7 pax
  • 24 hours before the trip for classes: Business, Premium, Premium Minibus 6 pax, Minibus 10, 13, 16 and 19 pax

If you cancel later, we will not be able to refund your money. It will be paid to the carrier as compensation for the transfer preparation.

To avoid this situation, use the free cancellation service. With it, you will return:

  • the entire amount if you cancel the transfer within the specified time period
  • the entire amount, less the cost of the service itself, if you cancel the transfer after the specified time period

The refund period is 10 days from the date of receiving the cancellation notice.

You can use the free cancellation service if:

  • you haven’t made the booking yet
  • you chose 100% prepayment by card

Choose a free cancellation service if:

  • you’re flying with a charter or low-cost airline; the schedule often changes;
  • you have a connecting flight and you might be delayed during the layover.

The cost of the service depends on the transfer cost:

  • 1 Dollar/Euro or 75 Rubles if the transfer costs not more than 33 Dollars/Euro or 2500 Rubles including additional services
  • 2 Dollars/Euro or 150 rubles, if the transfer costs from 34 to 67 dollars/Euro or from 2501 to 5000 rubles including additional services
  • 3 Dollars/Euro or 225 Rubles, if the transfer costs from 68 to 100 dollars/Euro or from 5001 to 7500 Rubles  including additional services
  • 4 Dollars/Euro or 300 rubles, if the transfer costs from 101 to 133 Dollars/Euro or from 7501 to 10 000 Rubles  including additional services

Important: if the transfer costs more than 133 EUR/133 USD/10 000 RUB, the free cancellation service is not available.

If you already paid for the booking which includes free cancellation service, it is impossible to remove other additional services. In this case, you have to cancel the booking and make a new one or you can contact the Kiwitaxi support team. You can cancel the free cancellation service at any time.

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